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There are over 450 girl scouts registered in Berkeley Heights and for the past 6 years the Berkeley Heights Service Unit (BHSU) has organized many events for the girls. Some of these events included: Town-wide Encampment, World Thinking Day, Someone Special & Me Dinner Dance, Daisy Teddy Bear Tea and much more. As you can see there is a lot going on in our Girl Scout Community, which the girls truly enjoy. Every event is organized and run by volunteers. Without volunteers these events will not take place! We need some new faces to help us continue to provide exciting & educational events for our dedicated Girl Scouts. Becoming a Girl Scout volunteer will give you a chance to meet new people, spend your time meaningfully, use your talents & skills and learn new ones. The girls in Berkeley Heights need your help and guidance. Volunteers make Girl Scouts possible, so please don't let our traditions fade away, volunteer today!

In addition to the positions above, general descriptions of some of the volunteer opportunities are listed below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities exist in many different areas of the Girl Scout Community. And whether you have 1 hour or 20 hours of time to give, there is a volunteer opportunity to suit your lifestyle. For instance:
  • On the Community (or Service Unit) level, you may be a leader or co-leader of a troop, serve as a member on the Service Team (i.e., manager, treasurer, publicists, etc.), organize a program, serve on a committee or share your skills with a troop or group.

  • On the Council level, you may serve on the Board of Directors or on a Standing Board Committee, share your knowledge and skills as a Trainer, or volunteer your time in the office.
Following below are brief descriptions of some volunteer opportunities within the Berkeley Heights Girl Scout Community. Please note: this is a limited selection which is being highlighted here to give you a flavor of some of the opportunities available within the Girl Scouting Community. To inquiry about current BHSU volunteer opportunities please sent you email to and for Council level opportunities click on this link to access the GSHNJ's web site (be sure to hit the back button, which may be more than once, to get back to this web site).
  • Service Unit Manager (s): Helps to supervises all of the volunteers within a service unit (community). Other responsibilities include events co-ordination and responding day to day inquiries and point person to council. The Service Unit Manager also chairs leader meetings on a regular basis, typically monthly. It is in this forum that ideas and information are exchanged. Over the last two years this position was divided between two co-mangers.
  • Troop Leader: This position requires someone interested in working with children, expanding their horizons and teaching them the values on which Girl Scouting was built. Leaders provide age appropriate programs which can include traditional ceremonies, songs & games. Older girls may gain exposure to new opportunities in a variety of areas including: art, science, sports, cultural diversity & career explanation. Leaders also provide troops with community service opportunities. Meeting schedules are flexible and can be set for once a week, twice a month, once a month, etc. A co-leader(s) is(are) great for sharing the duties.
  • Registrar: Responsible for distributing to and collecting registration forms from Troop Leaders and passing them onto Council. Usually starts about mid-May with early bird registrations, the summer is quiet and then there is another big intake of forms in September.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for the community bank account and balancing the books at the end of the year. Year round responsibilities but very little activity in the summer.
  • Community Cookie Manager: Responsible for overseeing G.S. cookie sales in Berkeley Heights. Cookie Managers in each troop submit their orders to the Community Cookie Manager; who submits it to Council and then arranges for the delivery and distribution of cookies to troops. The cookie sale begins in January and ends in April.
  • Community Nut Manager: Responsible for overseeing G.S. nut sales in Berkeley Heights. Very similar to Community Cookie Manager but on a smaller scale. It entails attending a meeting at council to learn about the items and incentives and to take a look at the forms so you know how they must be filled out. It also mean taking the town orders and arranging for drop off and pick up of the items. The nut sale begins in September and ends in November. This is a very easy, one-off job!
  • Troop Organizer: New Daisy troops are set up when girls start Kindergarten. This volunteer is responsible for organizing flyers to go in back to school packages, meet with moms who want their daughters to be Daisies, and organize them into troops depending on which elementary school they will eventually go to. This would be great position for two friends/individuals to share. Everyone at Daisy level is full of enthusiasm & looking for guidance!
  • Special Events Committee: This committee is responsible for planning the special events for the coming year, incorporating past successes and completely new ideas. As many people as possible are needed to be part of this committee. Anyone can be involved at any level.
  • School Consultants: Each school needs one person to handle the placement of new girls mid-year and to help with general girl scout enquiries in that school. While this is an important volunteer post to fill, it does not require a huge commitment in time.
  • Assist a Troop: You can assist your daughter's troop leaders by volunteering as follows: troop treasurer, troop secretary, driver, shopping for supplies, helping with badge activities, babysit a leader's child(ren), become outdoor certified for troop camping, become first aid certified for troop activities, telephoning, providing snacks, helping at meetings, etc.
How to Sign Up
If you would like to become a Girl Scout Volunteer, please email Deb Knapp ( ). Additionally, if you are interested in becoming a Leader or a Co-Leader you will need to contact your daughter's School Consultant. Click here for the Service Team page which includes the School Consultants' names and telephone numbers. Furthermore, you will need to complete the Volunteer Forms which can be found on the GSHNJ website. Visit this website by clicking on this link Please note, if you are not currently an adult girl scout, there will be a $12 annual fee. Once again, any help you can give to the Berkeley Heights Girl Scouts would be greatly appreciated!

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