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Complete Activity 1, Then Do Five Of The Others

This one we did on vacation at the beach and my daughter loved every moment of this badge. She had so much fun, she did not realize she was working on a badge. If you do not live near the beach you can learn about seashells from the following website: and you can start your collection at the following website:

*1. Before starting a collection, ask yourself these questions. Write down the answers and discuss them with your family or other adult.

Is the hobby fun? _____________________________

Can I afford it?_______________________________

Do I have space for it? _________________________

Is it something that will not harm the environment?

2. Collect enough items so that you will learn something about the subject. Organize your collection, including the name or classification of each object. List when you acquired the object, how much it cost or where you found it, and something special about each item.

Name of Shell Quantity Cost Where I Found Shell Something Special About Shell

3. Arrange, display, or mount your collection so that you are are able to show others. If possible, display your collection for your troop or other group.

*****My daughter took her shells to the next meeting*****

4. Find out something about other people who collect the same things you do. What are the clubs, organizations, or magazines for people with your hobby?

Clubs Magazines/Papers Organizations

5. Create your own activity related to your special hobby. *****We bought inexpensive frames and my daughter picked some of the special shells and she glued the shells to the frames. Then she took pictures of her sister and herself from our vacation and put them in the frames for her Grandmothers for Mother's Day.*****

6. Collect for the Community. Sometimes collecting isn't just a hobby, it's a community service. There are many ways to help others by collecting. Collect clothes or canned goods and donate them to a charity or keep your local park clean by collecting trash.

7. Generation to Generation. Sometimes grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins will hand down their collections. Some collections are in families for years and years. Perhaps your family has a tradition of collecting. Ask members of your family if they collect anything. it they do, what do they collect and how long have they been doing it? Did someone in the family hand the collection down to them? Offer to help carry on the tradition by contributing to the collection, or share with them the things you've learned about collecting.





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