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The Girl Scout Experience

Girl Scouting is much more than cookies and camping. Girl Scouts are girls of all races, religions, nationalities, economic backgrounds and are ages 5 to 17 years old. All Girl Scouts have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of topics by working on badges, going on field trips, or doing service projects in their community. Troop leaders share in the fun and excitement as girls experience new challenges and strive to be the best they can be.

As a Girl Scout your daughter will:
  • Belong to the world's largest voluntary organization for girls;
  • Have fun & build friendships;
  • Develop leadership skills and self awareness through interaction with girls her own age;
  • Participate in educationally sound programs under trained adult leadership; and
  • Prepare for her future through career exploration, community service & skill building.
Girls can participate in the Girl Scouts in three different ways:
  1. Join a troop. Most girls belong to age appropriate troops which are led by adult volunteers and meet on a regular basis.
  2. Girls can also become part of special interest groups (Girl Scouts with common interests) which may or may not meet on a regular basis.
  3. Lastly, girls may join as individuals and participate in special (non-troop) events with their peers.
Please note: Girls may participate in Council or Service Unit sponsored activities/events even if their troop is not participating in such activities/events.

In Berkeley Heights the five age appropriate Girl Scout levels are:
  1. Daisy - grades K-1
    Daisies learn how to work together and develop values as they play together and learn about the Girl Scouts. Daisies can earn petals for learning about the Girl Scout Law.
  2. Brownie - grades 2-3
    Brownies learn about themselves, their family, friends and the world around them. Brownies can earn "Try-Its" for trying new things. They can go on field trips and participate in community service projects and in cookie sales.
  3. Junior - grades 4-5
    Juniors can earn badges as they master new skills. They begin to assume responsibility and practice their leadership skills as they try new activities. Juniors are also eligible to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award.
  4. Cadette - grades 6-8
    Cadettes work on projects that match their interests and talents. They take on more responsibility for their activities and learn to set goals. Cadettes can participate in national events and serve on girl planning boards. Cadettes are also eligible to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award.
  5. Senior - grades 9-10
    Seniors are responsible for planning their own activities with minimal adult supervision. They learn about leadership by serving as role models for younger girls. Seniors are also eligible to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award for girls in Girl Scouting.
  6. Ambassadors - grades 11-12
    Ambassadors are also responsible for planning their own activities with minimal adult supervision. They learn about leadership by serving as role models for younger girls, including working at summer camp!. Ambassadors are also eligible to earn the Girl Scout Gold Award.
Membership Fees
To become a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA), each girl or adult is required to pay a $12.00 non-refundable annual fee. This fee goes directly to the GSUSA, headquartered in NYC, to provide program development, Council supported services and pay for accident insurance. Note: All girls and adults who have paid the annual fee are covered by the GSUSA's accident insurance policy when participating in Girl Scout Activities. Parents and guardians are invited to become members of the Girl Scouts by paying the annual fee. Financial assistance is available through the BHGSSU & the GSHNJ for those girls who are unable to pay the annual fee and/or certain other fees or dues that come up during the year. Please contact the Barbara Smith for further information (click here to send an email).

Troop Dues
All Girl Scout Troops maintain their own treasuries to pay for their activities. Troop dues will vary by troop according to girls' ages and planned activities. Dues may be collected weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Parents/guardians should not be asked to give large sums of money for troop dues. Occasionally, in addition to the regular dues, girls may be asked to pay for certain events or activities. See the above paragraph for information on financial assistance.

Girl Product Sales
Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts have the opportunity to earn money for their program of activities by participating in Council sponsored product sales (such as cookie and nut sales). Daisies do not participate in product sales. Money earned by the girls through product sales can offset a large portion of the cost of Girl Scout activities which in turn relieves the obligation placed on parents and guardians. Girl Scouts are not permitted to sell any product other than Council approved products.

Girl Scout Uniforms
The Girl Scout Uniform is optional. A girl does not need to have a uniform to be a member of the GSUSA. All girls are considered to be in uniform when they wear their membership pin. If you decide to purchase a uniform you can do so at the GSHNJ shops. Use this link to access the GSHNJ's website for the location, hours of operation and directions to the three council shops.

Adult Volunteers
If you are interested in participating in the Girl Scouts as an adult volunteer, please click here or on the Volunteer Information link above. Adult volunteers, and the leadership they provide, are always needed and welcomed so please take a moment to review the volunteer opportunities in Berkeley Heights!!

To Join
If you would like to join the Girls Scouts of Berkeley Heights as a new member or as a transfer from another community, please call your daughter's School Consultant. Click here for the Service Team page which includes the School Consultants' names and telephone numbers. Note: In an effort to ease the big troop woes, a 12-15 girl limit should be targeted when forming a new troop.

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