Daisy Winter Craft - Provided by Sharon Lovit Troop# 922                      Back to Daisy Programs

Beaded Snowflake Craft:

This makes a pretty beaded snowflake. This project is rated VERY EASY to do.

What you need for each snowflake:
- 3 Chenille stems (6" in length) (silver or white look best)
- 8 Crystal paddle wheel or sunburst beads (18 mm size)
- 20 Crystal faceted beads (8 mm size)
- 18 Crystal tri-beads (11 mm size)
- Hot glue gun or craft glue
- Wire cutters (to cut chenille stems)

How To Make It:
1. Cut chenille stems to equal 6" in length.

2. Twist them in the center once or put a spot of hot glue to hold them together, then spread out the arms gently, keeping it flat.

3. String the beads on each arm in the following pattern:
1 faceted bead
1 tri-bead
1 faceted bead
1 tri-bead
1 paddle wheel
1 tri-bead
1 faceted

4. Put a spot of glue under each last faceted bead. When dry clip off ends of chenille stem.

5. Glue (hot glue is best) one paddle wheel in center of each side then one faceted in center of each paddle wheel that is in the middle.

6. Make a hanger of fishing line or invisible thread.

For the project preparation: Cut the chenille stems, glued them together and attached the paddle beads in the middle before the meeting.

At your meeting: Have each girl put on their beads and then we folded down the ends of the chenille to make sure the beads won't fall off. Then attach the string and sent each girl home with a beautiful crystal snowflake to hang in their window!