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This introductory level to Girl Scouting was named for the founder of the organization, Juliette Gordon Low, whose childhood name was Daisy. The 10 daisy petals and center circle each represent a part of the Girl Scout Law. Daisies learn about the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Law by participating in a variety of activities which can earn them a petal or center circle. The Daisy Girl Scout Activity Book and The Guide for Daisy Girl Scout Leaders are the basic books recommended by the GSUSA. These books can be obtained through the GSHNJ Store located at the Council Service Center, 201 E. Grove Street., Westfield, NJ.

Listed below are the petal & center circle colors along with the associated part of the Girl Scout Law.

Petal Color

Part of GS Law

Daisy Blue Center
Light Blue
Spring Green

Honest & fair
Friendly & helpful
Considerate & caring
Courageous & strong
Responsible for what I say & do
Respect myself & others
Respect authority
Use resources wisely
Make the world a better place
Be a sister to every Girl Scout


Links to those programs/activities available online are provided below. Once you've viewed and/or printed the program/activity be sure to hit the back button (which may be more than once) to get back to this website.

  • Ideas for Daisy Leaders! - Daisy Troop #420 Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This link provides a good example of a year in the life of a Daisy troop. There are some great ideas here so have a look.
  • GirlSports. This is a GSUSA link to one of its patch projects.
  • Color a Smile. This is a link to a non-profit organization. Color A Smile collects crayon drawings from school children and every month they mail these crayon 'masterpieces' to people throughout the country. This looks like a great activity for younger girls!
  • Daisy Flag Craft, Winter Craft and Valentine Craft Ideas. These Daisy craft activities were provided by Berkeley Heights Troops #100, #922 and #257. Thanks for sharing your ideas!
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