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Brownie Girl Scouts have more opportunities to identify their own interests and decide how they will explore those interests than Daisy Girl Scouts do. Brownies learn about the Girl Scouts and the Girl Scout Law by being encouraged to try new and different activities. It is for this reason that Brownie badges are called "try its". The Brownie Girl Scout Handbook, Try-Its for Brownie Girl Scouts and The Guide for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders are the basic books recommended by the GSUSA. These books can be obtained through the GSHNJ Shops. Use this link to access the GSHNJ's website for the location, hours of operation and directions to the three council shops.

Listed below are the 58 Brownie Try It programs/activities. Links to those programs available online are also provided. Once you've viewed and/or printed the program be sure to hit the back button to get back to this website.
Troop #221 leaders have graciously documented some meeting ideas (appropriate for Brownies & Juniors) that you may find helpful. Click here and have a look.

  1. All in the Family
  2. Animals
  3. Around the World
  4. Art to Wear
  5. Brownie Girl Scouts Around the World
  6. Brownie Girl Scouts Through the Years
  7. Building Art
  8. Careers
  9. Caring and Sharing
  10. Citizen Near and Far
  11. Colors and Shapes
  12. Computer Smarts* 1
  13. Cookies Count*
  14. Creative Composing
  15. Dancercize
  16. Earth and Sky
  17. Earth is Our Home
  18. Eat Right, Stay Healthy
  19. Eco-Explorer
  20. Friends are Fun
  1. Girl Scout Ways
  2. GirlSports*
  3. Healthy Habits
  4. Her Story
  5. Hobbies
  6. Let's Pretend
  7. Listening to the Past
  8. Make It, Eat It
  9. Making Music
  10. Manners
  11. Math Fun
  12. Me and My Shadow
  13. Movers
  14. My Body
  15. Numbers and Shapes
  16. Outdoor Adventurer
  17. Penny Power
  18. People are Talking
  19. People of the World
  20. Plants
  1. Playing Around the World
  2. Point, Click, and Go* 1
  3. Puppets, Dolls, and Plays
  4. Ready, Set, Go Camping
  5. Safety Sense
  6. Science in Action
  7. Science Wonders
  8. Senses
  9. Sounds of Music
  10. Space Explorer
  11. Sports and Games
  12. Stitch it Together
  13. Travel Right
  14. Watching Wildlife
  15. Water Everywhere
  16. Wave the Flag* (online only)
  17. Write Away
  18. Working It Out
Unless otherwise stated below the source is noted on the linked document or site.
* Source: GSUSA
1. Can be completed at the Score in New Providence, no fees. 908-286-0170

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