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Save, spend, earn, borrow or donate money. Money is an important part of everyone's life, so now's the time to start to learn about the basics of dealing with money.


A) Bank on it:
Contact your local bank and set up a tour for your troop. Find out how to open a savings account. Ask the bank to discuss counterfeit money and how they are able to detect which money is counterfeit (e.g., special machines, special pens, etc). Note: Troop 340 visited Fleet Bank on Snyder Avenue and they were very accommodating and even handed out goody bags to the girls.

B) Keeping Tabs:
Have the girls keep track of how much money they spend during a week. Click here and print out the Excel form needed for this activity. Review the questions at the bottom of the form at the following meeting.

C) The Price you Pay:
Set up a pretend store and practice making change. Have your troop make or draw 2 items to sell. Have the girls make up prices for the items (all items should be priced under $1.00) and then let them put the price tags on each item. Give each girl $2.00 of play coins and then have them take turns being buyers and sellers.

D) Cookie Dough:
Optional-With your troop, write a plan for using the money you earn from the Girl Scout Cookie Sale.

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