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Caring Friends:

A) Some Favorite Things:
Let's go over some of your favorite things:

School subjects ___________________________________________________

Colors __________________________________________________________

Books __________________________________________________________

Places __________________________________________________________

Things to do ______________________________________________________

Sports __________________________________________________________

B) Compare:
1) How much influence do your friends have on what YOU like?



2) How much influence does your family have on what YOU like?



C) What If? Role Playing:

Let's talk about what makes a person a good friend. How can you be a good friend to another person? We'll put you in pairs to role play the following events:

1) Your best friend is crying and you want to show you care.

2) One of the girls in the troop has a birthday.

3) Your mother has to finish a big project for work the next day.

4) A neighbor falls and breaks her leg.

5) Your friend is afraid she will fail a test.

6) A classmate forgot her lunch.

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